Why Choose Evie Willow?

Evie Willow has a reputation for designing functional yet elegant bespoke kitchens that meet customers’ diverse needs. We base our design ethos on providing cabinetry expertise for the modern homemaker.

Our craftsmanship finds its best expression when we collaborate with clients who want their kitchens to be focal rooms in their homes. We focus on providing the highest quality and value at every stage, from your first visit to the showroom until we apply all the finishes.

High Quality Cabinetry Materials

We use only the highest quality sustainable materials in our woodwork and kitchen designs. Rather than using MDF or chipboard (relatively cheap and common materials in kitchen cabinetry which absorb moisture and are prone to warping over time); we make our cabinet carcasses entirely from plywood (far more durable and resistant to moisture absorption). We make our drawer boxes from solid oak wood, and our cabinet doors from Accoya.

20 Year Guarantee

Every Evie Willow kitchen and cabinet comes with a 20-year warranty because we trust our outstanding products and hardware. Our home installation and carpentry department ensure that they do every fitting impeccably. We also have post installation checks after installing your cabinets to make sure the quality meets our strict standards.

Accoya Kitchen Doors

Our favourite durable timber to use for your kitchen cabinets is Accoya. Accoya is a sustainable, FSC-certified, and remarkably stable timber. Accoya’s performance credentials match or exceed tropical hardwoods, PVC, and aluminium. Most importantly, Accoya does not absorb moisture, so this stops your kitchen doors from warping or shrinking and prevents any cracks in the paintwork over time.


Expertly Bespoke Kitchens

It is the subtle touches that set our kitchens apart. Whether it’s our innovative incorporation of resins in wood counter tops, our bespoke shelving and lighting patterns, or our use of exceptional quality hardware; we take pride in working with our customers to deliver truly bespoke solutions that deliver more than expected.

Luxury Kitchens at a Fair Price

We believe that our clients gain more from our craftsmanship, use of superior materials, and quality assurance processes, than price can communicate. Joinery and carpentry are ingrained in our company’s lifeblood, and our perfectionism keeps us going. All of our clients are always welcome to tour our workshop and gain invaluable insight into the philosophy of Evie Willow, and the true worth of our work.



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