Shaker Kitchens

Our shaker kitchens are lovingly made in our Oxfordshire workshop based in Witney.

View the Steventon Kitchen

A clean and elegantly designed kitchen in neutral tones, with integrated appliances and plenty of hidden details, including a walk in pantry.

The Summertown Kitchen

The natural light in the extension brightens this kitchen space, which is full of classic Shaker features and innovative and thoughtful details. Featuring a coffee and drinks cabinet, Aga, mirrored splashback and full-size larder cupboard. The classic Shaker design never goes out of style.

The Frilford Kitchen

A classic ‘New England’ style kitchen. Timeless in its clean style and refined elegance, with the use of natural materials, classic shapes and natural light. The inframe shaker cabinetry is in classic white, finished with a rustic, Waney edge oak breakfast bar and Armac Martin handles and hinges.

Heythrop Kitchen

Deep, lush blues are juxtaposed with more traditional cottage elements to give this kitchen a charming, homely character.

Chipping Norton Kitchen

Bold, but refined; cosy but spacious – this delightful shaker-style kitchen is the perfect addition to any countryside home.

Cotswold House Kitchen

Natural pastel tones, punctuated with dramatic black granite worktops and traditional shaker cabinetry, deliver old-school charm in this elegant and spacious kitchen.


Willow Cottage Kitchen

This kitchen uses deeply textured quartz, complemented by beautiful Black Walnut woodgrain, curved shaker cabinetry and calm grey accents to create an inviting and efficient room.

Soho Barn Kitchen

Elegance meets functionality as the choice of the dark charcoal cabinetry sits beautifully against the old Cotswold stone walls, matching the dark steel framed glazing.

The shaker kitchen is a timeless, classic kitchen style loved for its minimalist look and distinctive, high-quality craftsmanship.


Shaker kitchens offer calm, simple and spacious atmospheres, and their unembellished style means they never to go out of fashion. With functional and straightforward furniture and cabinetry designs, the shaker is easily incorporated into any home, from countryside cottages to ultra-modern houses.


That’s why they are the kitchen of choice for many home enthusiasts.

At Evie Willow, we bring a personal, 100% bespoke approach to shaker kitchens.


Whether you’re after a contemporary, modern shaker or a more classic shaker, our team of craftspeople and designers will work with you to re-imagine and create your dream kitchen.


We deliver the highest levels of precision in our carpentry and joinery, and use only premium-quality materials, fittings and appliances to bring your kitchen to life. This is why your Evie Willow kitchen comes standard with a 20-year guarantee.

Expert craftsmanship and simplicity are the hallmarks of the shaker style.

A shaker kitchen can be easily recognised by the simple, functional look of its cabinets. The doors have wide boarders and rails that sit proud of a flat panel in the centre. This plain and unobtrusive approach to kitchen storage gives homeowners excellent versatility, and you can dress your shaker kitchen in a contemporary feel or strip it back to its natural beauty and simplicity for a more traditional kitchen.


Shaker Kitchen Colours:

Shaker kitchens typically use whites and subtle, muted pastel colours. Today, we’re also seamlessly integrating bolder colour choices such as deep blues, greens and greys, giving a distinctly modern edge to the classic shaker.

Need help choosing your colours?

Here are some of the main colours we use in our shaker designs.

Click on the colour swatches to see what your new kitchen could look like:


Slaked Lime

School House White

Portland Stone

Stone V

French Grey

Cotton V

Slate IV

Slate V

Wattle IV



De Nimes

Light Blue

Porcelain V

Inchyra Blue

Blue Blood

Hague Blue



Btwn Dog & Wolf

Squid Ink


Aqua Viva

Paris Rooftops



School House White

Why Evie Willow?

Evie Willow is a leading provider of premium-quality, 100% bespoke kitchens in Oxfordshire.

High Quality Cabinetry Materials

We use only the highest quality sustainable materials in our woodwork and kitchen designs. Our cabinet carcasses are made entirely from plywood, not MDF (making them more durable and resistant to moisture); solid natural oak wood drawer boxes, and Accoya cabinet doors.

100% Bespoke Kitchens

Whether it’s our innovative incorporation of resins in wood counter tops, our bespoke shelving and lighting patterns, or our use of exceptional quality hardware; we take pride in delivering expertly bespoke solutions.

Excellent Value for Money

At Evie Willow, you’re guaranteed the highest standard of workmanship and quality materials and hardware. From the foundation to the subtler, finer touches of carpentry and joinery, your Evie Willow kitchen will bring you years of satisfaction and good living.


20 Year Guarantee

Every Evie Willow kitchen and cabinet comes with a 20-year warranty because we trust our outstanding products and hardware. Our home installation and carpentry department ensure that they do every fitting impeccably.

It is the subtle touches that set our kitchens apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

A shaker kitchen is a minimalist and practical kitchen design. Favouring craftsmanship and detailed joinery over decorative elements, the shaker style uses clean lines with little detail and profiling. Shaker cabinets are characterised by the recessed panel and four-piece wood frame design of the cabinet doors.

Shaker kitchens’ minimalist look and feel lends itself well to being an evergreen kitchen style. The clean, uncluttered lines of the inset shaker cabinet don’t look old fashioned, but homely, comfortable and practical. Shaker kitchens are a timeless look, meaning they’ll never go out of fashion.

The simple, undetailed look of shaker kitchen cabinets can lend itself well to modern and contemporary kitchen designs. The recessed centre panel of the shaker cabinet is a more modern look than traditional-looking raised panels. This is why the shaker is a popular choice in modern kitchens.

It is called a shaker kitchen because it follows the same style of craftmanship and aesthetic ethos used by the shakers. The shakers were a religious group originating in Manchester in the 1700s. Highly resourceful and self-sufficient, they produced furniture renowned for its quality and attractive craftsmanship.

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