Classic Kitchens

We'll handmake your classic kitchen from our Oxfordshire workshop.

The Dark Lane Kitchen
Oddington Kitchen

This Classic, in-frame, beaded shaker kitchen offers a calm and elegant family space, with the creamy neutrals allowing the quality of the materials and design to shine.

The Coppice

This classic two-tone kitchen brings a spacious but charming and inviting feel to this modern home.

Malvern Kitchen

Malvern kitchen blends timeless kitchen features and a clean, neutral colour palette to stunning effect.

Fleet Kitchen

This broken plan kitchen integrates more modern live-in and bespoke storage solutions, with an elegant neutral and industrial bronze feel.

Showroom Kitchen

Showroom kitchen showcases the endless kitchen design possibilities Evie Willow can bring to your home.

Dochester on Thames

With luxurious white countertops and rich yet muted palette, this kitchen brilliantly captures natural light to create an elegant and warm space.

Bampton Kitchen

This beaded shaker kitchen blends classic, old-world charm with modern features and design styles to produce a stunning, classic charm.

Evie Willow’s classic kitchens take inspiration from traditional Georgian furniture and farmhouse kitchens. The bespoke finish is shown through specific detailing such as beading around door frames and drawers, or applying a subtle moulding inside the door fascia.

Our classic kitchen designs give a highly bespoke look to our cabinets, and they are often finished with a beautiful, traditional face-mounted skirting and classic edged cornices. Below are are some of our kitchens to give you some ideas of what we can do for you.

Our classic kitchens are beautifully timeless and built to last. Like with all our kitchens, the classic range is lovingly handmade using natural and responsibly sourced timbers, to give our cabinets the durability and sturdy finish it needs to stand the test of time.

Combined with charming, time honoured classic design features, our classic style will fit perfectly into any home, whether it be traditional, English, french, Italian or a contemporary style, emanating a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication that will never go out of style.


Why Evie Willow?

Evie Willow is a leading provider of premium-quality, 100% bespoke kitchens in Oxfordshire.

High Quality Cabinetry Materials

We use only the highest quality sustainable materials in our woodwork and kitchen designs. Our cabinet carcasses are made entirely from plywood, not MDF (making them more durable and resistant to moisture); solid natural oak wood drawer boxes, and Accoya cabinet doors.

100% Bespoke Kitchens

Whether it’s our innovative incorporation of resins in wood counter tops, our bespoke shelving and lighting patterns, or our use of exceptional quality hardware; we take pride in delivering expertly bespoke solutions.

Excellent Value for Money

At Evie Willow, you’re guaranteed the highest standard of workmanship and quality materials and hardware. From the foundation to the subtler, finer touches of carpentry and joinery, your Evie Willow kitchen will bring you years of satisfaction and good living.


20 Year Guarantee

Every Evie Willow kitchen and cabinet comes with a 20-year warranty because we trust our outstanding products and hardware. Our home installation and carpentry department ensure that they do every fitting impeccably.

Find out how Evie Willow can bring your dream classic kitchen to life:



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