Modern Kitchens

Bespoke modern kitchens, handmade in our Oxfordshire workshop.


Wychwood Kitchen

With the textured, high gloss finish of the 3D slab doors against matte forest green accents, this modern kitchen provides a lush but natural and highly liveable heart of the home.

Icomb Kitchen

The Icomb kitchens Experiments with architectural ‘fluting’ or ‘reeding’ in the island timber and in the glazing to create an elegant interplay of light and shadow, offset perfectly against Italian marble worktops.



Hill Farm Kitchen

With the textured, high gloss finish of the 3D slab doors against matte forest green accents, this modern kitchen provides a lush but natural and highly liveable heart of the home.

Queen Emma’s Dyke Kitchen

This modern in-frame slab door-style kitchen creates an elegant and serene space made possible by innovative bespoke storage behind the scenes.

Orchard Kitchen

Neat, handleless kitchen cabinetry brings the beautiful walnut floors and granite countertops of Orchard Kitchen into focus, giving it a luxurious but classic atmosphere.

Clean, uncluttered lines, contrast and texture, dark colours, and innovative storage are key elements of the modern kitchen in 2023.


They are used to create spaces that not only look sophisticated and elegant, but are more functional, more efficient, and completely bespoke to your needs. Minimalist yet highly liveable, the modern kitchen is the perfect kitchen for any home.

At Evie Willow, we design and create modern spaces tailored to your kitchen requirements. From handmade, bespoke cabinetry, furniture and countertops to pantries and boot rooms, Evie Willow will help develop your ideas, and build them into a modern kitchen masterpiece that truly is the heart of the home.

What are the main Kitchen Trends in 2023?

Modern kitchens combine functionality, technology and aesthetics into a cohesive and attractive pared-back style. Here are some of the top kitchen design trends heading into the summer of 2023:

1. Hand-Painted Kitchens

The modern kitchen avoids laminates like melamine in favour of hand-painted kitchen cabinetry, which lasts longer, is easier to maintain, and gives homeowners almost endless kitchen design choices.

2. Colours

Key kitchen colours of 2021 are bold, dark, rich greens and dramatic midnight blues. They are commonly offset by neutral whites, ivories, and greige colours. Muted reds, yellows and mauves are also being used in modern kitchens.

3. Two-Tone Kitchens

Juxtaposed contrasting colours and textures continue to make a big impression on kitchen design in 2021 and will likely enjoy a lengthy stay in the limelight. No longer are we seeing unified kitchen and cabinetry themes, and two-tone designs are used to create character, counterpoint and excitement in your kitchen.

4. Dark

Black could very well be the kitchen colour of the year, having made the mainstream transition from accent to primary colour. It’s joined by very dark shades of emerald and navy in a palette modern kitchen design draws on to create ultra-luxurious, ultra-modern spaces.

5. Textured Marble & Wood

Heavy grains and texture are a big part of the modern style, with wide-veined marble worktops in high demand. Natural wood like oak and ash are also being used to create homely warmth and charm. In addition, as sustainable living continues to influence  modern kitchen design, reclaimed wood kitchen cabinetry and wall features are also a fast-emerging trend.

6. Streamlined Minimalism

One of the hallmarks of the modern style is its clean, sleek and unembellished presentation. Frameless, flat-panel cabinetry with clean lines and edging are key to contemporary kitchens, often coupled with handleless cabinet doors to create pared-back, sleek, modern look to your kitchen.

7. Smart Storage

Reducing the visual clutter of the contemporary kitchen relies on smart storage solutions to not only increase storage density, but maintain easy access to all stored items and keep your kitchen ergonomic and a dream to use.

8. Pantries & Larders

An essential part of how we think about modern kitchen storage: pantries and larders centralise your dry foods storage, resulting in less kitchen cupboard space and a more open plan style kitchen. Larders and pantries are convenient and space-efficient, standalone units for storage.

9. Floating, Open Shelves

Open shelving creates more room in your kitchen, while also allowing you to showcase your most attractive or antique kitchenware.

10. Broken Plan Kitchens

Broken plan is an evolution of open plan design, but uses furniture, cabinets and plants to create zones for cooking and entertainment.

11. Kitchen Living

Open plan has also encouraged designers to make kitchens more ‘liveable’ and comfortable. People gather and spend a lot of time in today’s kitchens, so it makes sense to have a comfortable and usable space for while you’re preparing meals.

12. Brass & Copper Finishes

Stainless steel is a sunset trend of the modern kitchen. In its place is the rise of warmer gold-hued metals like brass and copper on fittings, taps and now even sinks. The industrial feel of these finishes set against the sweeping lines and edges of modern kitchens can make an exquisite style statement in your kitchen.

13. Hot Water Taps

Having instant access to 100° C boiling water is an extremely convenient addition to your kitchen. It doesn’t just save you time when boiling water; it removes the need to have a standalone kettle completely.

14. Pendant Lights

Another carry-over from open plan kitchens, the pendant light arrangement above the kitchen island is one of the most striking and recognisable features of the contemporary kitchen. They make today’s kitchen feel more like living areas than simply cooking spaces.

It is the subtle touches that set our kitchens apart.

Why Evie Willow?

Evie Willow is a leading provider of premium-quality, 100% bespoke kitchens in Oxfordshire.

High Quality Cabinetry Materials

We use only the highest quality sustainable materials in our woodwork and kitchen designs. Our cabinet carcasses are made entirely from plywood, not MDF (making them more durable and resistant to moisture); solid natural oak wood drawer boxes, and Accoya cabinet doors.

100% Bespoke Kitchens

We take the time to listen, work with and develop your modern kitchen ideas, and take pride in delivering expertly bespoke solutions. Modern design trends emphasise bespoke functionality, and Evie Willow will handcraft your kitchen to your exact needs.

Excellent Value

At Evie Willow, you’re guaranteed the highest standard of workmanship and quality materials and hardware. From the foundation to the subtler, finer touches of carpentry and joinery, your Evie Willow kitchen will bring you years of satisfaction and enjoyment.


20 Year Guarantee

Every Evie Willow kitchen and cabinet comes with a 20-year warranty because we trust our outstanding products and hardware. Our home installation and carpentry department ensure that they do everything is fit impeccably.

Frequently Asked Questions

Forest green, midnight blue and even black are standout colours for kitchen cabinets in 2021. One of the dominant trends of the moment is to set these bold colours in a two-tone theme against white, ivory or grey marble or quartz countertops or natural wood like oak.

A contemporary kitchen is defined by a clean and uncluttered style that celebrates open space. Cabinet doors are generally a simple flat panel and often handleless while smart storage and integrated appliances help create a uniform, homogenous and minimalist kitchen interface.

Modern kitchen cabinets have a simple flat-panel door with no furrows or beading, and use either small, functional door fittings or are completely handleless. They are hand-painted (not laminate) in dark greens and blues or even black and combined with marble, quartz or natural wood countertops.

We use only quality hardwearing timbers like oak, walnut, tulip wood and accoya in your kitchen cabinets, while tulip wood and lime can be used for the doors. These woods absorb less moisture and last longer than chipboard or MDF (medium density fibreboard).

The modern kitchen uses minimalist, clean lines and edges to create a sophisticated and uncluttered space. Cabinets are fully bespoke and integrate kitchen appliances to avoid a more detached look. Traditional kitchens have a more embellished, decorative look that feels cosy and homely.

The modern kitchen is a fantastic addition to your house and can have a positive effect on your resale value. It uses cabinetry and fittings that are built to last, and because of its minimalist style, isn’t burdened by detail that can often date furniture.

Find out how Evie Willow can bring your dream kitchen to life:



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